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Pure Korea origin Skin care for valuable skin

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Ultra water coating water glow protective film provides cooling moisture
Water coating moisturizing film hydrates and tightens pores! Soft skin!!

★ Aqua water coating mask, popular among flight attendants
 : Water coating mask is widely known as "Flight attendant cream".  It lowers skin temperature, tightens pores, and softens skin!
★ KFDA approved dual function cosmetics
 : Whitening effect, wrinkle reduction, moisturization, hydration maintenance, moisturizing wall, skin resilience
★ Contains natural marine moisturizer sea grapes
 : Sea grapes, also known as green caviar, is a naturial moisturizing marine plant
 : It immediately moisturizes fatigued skin with rich calcium and iron
 : Also contains bamboo water, baobab water, pig collagen
 : FREE from paraben, GMO, color, benzophenone, animal product, mineral, talc, ethane, artificial antioxidant!
 ☞ Elizavecca Milky Piggy water coating Aqua brightening mask is for all types of skin.
     It is safe for Skin!!



Overflowing moisture found in ripping dryness! 100% natural shea butter!!
Steady seller Elizavecca Milky Piggy shea butter for dry winters, and changing of seasons when skin becomes dry!
Full content of 88ml size!!
※ What is SHEA BUTTER?
 Shea butter is plant oil collected from shea trees, widely used in Africa as moisturizer
 It is used to supply moisture to dry and rough skin and it is also used as moisturizer and tenderizer.

1) Tones of Skin texture
It calms skin fatigued by external stimulation and tones skin.
2) Skin protection
Hypoallergenic highly concentrated essence keeps skin soft even on dry days.
3) Skin elasticity
Rough skin is transformed into soft, hydrated, resilient, and smooth skin.
4) Maintaing moisture
Hydrates skin and natural oil protective film keeps skin soft.



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Pure Korea origin Skin care for valuable skin

Pure Korea origin Skin care for valuable skin