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Rice Bran 100

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Freeze Drying Method is a Special drying method to rapidly dry under 40degrees below zero, get rid of water and finally preserve nutrient, taste and color of raw material.  As it is a very picky and difficult process, it is an excellent drying technology comparing with other drying method in all of this.  We put our sincere mind to every products we supply to offer a gift of the Nature. 


The benefit of unpolished rice for human body has been studied deeply, and people recently recognize the necessity of unpolished rice has been being increased.  However, the taste of unpolished rice is not attractive and cooking unpolished rice is annoying, so actual intake is very low.


Rice bran 100 consisits of the mixture of Softly processed unpolished rice bran with other 32 kinds of food ingredients packed in raw food package, so that 33kinds of foods including unpolished rice can be taken in easily by package.


1.  Contained Rice bran in a pack, which took from 1kg of short grain brown rice polished. 

2.  60g of 1 pack is equivalent to 12 bowls of Brown rice meal. 

3.  2 spoon in 200ml of water or milk and add 1ts of Honey.  It can be a meal subsititution food. 

   (Nutrition of 4 bowls of Brown rice meal) 

4.  It can be also used as Health bread material for an excellent brown rice bread. 

5.  Mix 3 ts of Rice bran with 100ml Hot water to intake as Rice bran brown rice porridge. 

6.  Put 1 tablespoon(About 10g) in 80g of rice for 1 serving and cook rice.  It is equipvalent to

    about 2 bowls of brown rice meal. 

 7.  Mix 3 spoon of Rice bran with 150ml of Yogurt drink and 700ml of Milk.  Intake it after  

     being fermented by Yogurt cooker. 


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Rice Bran 100